Side Mount Enclosure with Expandable Hose - 50’

Color - Blue

This Side Mount Enclosure is a great way to mount and store a 50’ hose on your boat for full boat washdown. This enclosure includes a 50’ Expandable Hose with nozzle, and is designed to connect directly to your existing pressurized water system or raw water washdown pump. Dimensions: 14 3/4” W x 9 5/8” H

HoseCoil Gen3 Thermoforming Gen3 Material Enhancements - A thicker gauge material that improves strength and provides better structural rigidity is now used. It is a custom co-extruded Acrylic-capped ABS sheet stock that we have specially made for us. The excellent UV stability of the Acrylic is combined with the durability of the ABS. The Acrylic cap protects the ABS from UV and its potentially damaging effects on plastic. We want to make sure that we use only the best material while producing a HoseCoil Enclosure for you. We thermoform HoseCoil Enclosures because it’s the best way to produce a product with excellent high gloss retention.

Nickel Chrome-Plated Stainless Steel Screws - We use all 316 stainless steel hardware that is supplied with each enclosure. For Gen3 HoseCoil Enclosures we provide nickel chrome-plated stainless steel tamperproof screws for security combined with a long lasting shine.

Reconfigurable Shutoff Valve - For a clean installation we recommend mounting through the bulkhead to cleanly connect to a designated washdown pump or into the boat’s fresh water plumbing system below decks. The valve can also be reconfigured to exit the bottom of the enclosure. This will allow convenient access to an external spigot in the cockpit. A 1/2” feeder hose to connect the Shutoff Valve to the external spigot is not included. The shutoff feature is important for two reasons. First, water pressure needs to be removed from the expandable hose in order for the hose to shrink to its original size before it can be stowed back into the enclosure. Second, it is important to have a physical shutoff for source water when not plumbing to a designated washdown pump with its own electrical shutoff switch. In the event you would like to remove or replace the hose, simply turn the shut off switch on the valve and unscrew the hose from the fitting.

WARNING for California customers