NEW: Flexible Hose Kits

Washdown Systems for Boating

The HoseCoil product line includes a range of specialty hoses, washdown nozzles, and a unique line of thermoformed enclosures. HoseCoil products are available at most boating retail stores.

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HoseCoil – Tough, Rugged and Built for Merchandising

To our Dealers and Distributors -


Our HoseCoil 2022 product line was a multi-year roll out
that is now complete! The colorful packaging is designed to look good on your store shelf. All products are now in 4-color attractive boxes. No more plastic clamshells! They are much more efficient to ship, and more products fit on the store shelves. The new 16-page HoseCoil 2023 brochure is available for your stores and customers.

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