Replacement Coiled Hoses for HoseCoil Enclosures


Coiled replacement hose for existing HoseCoil Enclosure (Flush Mount, Side Mount, or Horizontal Mount–be sure to choose the proper length for your Enclosure). This replacement hose has a 3/8″ ID (inner diameter) and brass fittings–a bulkhead fitting with 3/8″ hose barb at one end (to connect to your pressurized water system or raw water washdown pump) and a standard 3/4″ GHT male fitting at the other end (to connect to a spray nozzle).

NOTE: This replacement hose is only meant for use with an existing HoseCoil Enclosure. If you are looking for a standalone hose to connect to an external hose bib, faucet, or spigot, please take a look at our HoseCoil Standard, HoseCoil PRO, or HoseCoil Expandable products.

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