HoseCoil Introduces New Side Mount Expandable Enclosure

Expandable Hose Enclosure Designed for Full-Boat Washdown

Bend, Ore. – HoseCoil, a leading supplier of boat washdown systems, announced today an all new product – the HoseCoil Side Mount Expandable Enclosure. This new thermoformed enclosure provides all the functionality of HoseCoil’s original cockpit washdown systems but with far more reach, allowing full-boat washdown from bow to stern.

The Side Mount Expandable Enclosure is thermoformed with a strong acrylic-capped ABS material that is built to withstand years of UV and saltwater exposure. The enclosure incorporates an expandable hose and rubber tip nozzle with comfort grip. The hose is made of a durable Dacron material that feels, handles and coils just like a quality three-quarter-inch braided dock line. The double layered rubber inner tubing allows the hose to increase 3-times its length when pressurized and remains pliable and easy to handle onboard the boat. This new HoseCoil enclosure is designed to connect directly to the boat’s pressurized fresh water system or raw water washdown pump. The Side Mount Expandable Enclosure is available in two models, 25-foot for cockpit washdown or use on smaller boats and a 50-foot model for full-boat washdown.

The new Side Mount Expandable Enclosure is unique because it provides full-boat washdown coverage allowing you to reach the anchor locker and clean the fly bridge.” said Rob Walsh, president and owner, Ocean Equipment. “The enclosure is easily mounted on a vertical bulkhead keeping the hose neatly stowed and out of the way until you need it.

The HoseCoil product line includes a range of specialty hoses, washdown nozzles, and a unique line of thermoformed enclosures. HoseCoil products are available at most boating retail stores.

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